The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Half Cup Bra A bra in which the top half of the breasts are exposed and the nipples may or may not be covered.  See also Demi Cup Bra or Shelf Bra.
Half Slip A slip is an undergarment worn under clothing if it is sheer or to prevent clinging. A half-slip serves the same purpose as a full slip but it is cut like a skirt, whereas a full slip is cut like a dress.
Halter Bra A bra style featuring straps that fastens behind the neck. This bra is perfect for backless dresses. This bra style can often convert to crisscross or one shoulder styles.
Halter Neck A dress, bra or undergarment style where the fabric wraps behind and around the neck for support.  Halters may tie, hook, clasp or be a solid piece of fabric that slides over the head.
Halter Top A sleeveless short top that is held in place by a narrow band of cloth that goes around the back of the neck.   Halter tops usually tie, hook, or clasp behind the neck and across the back, leaving the arms, shoulders, and back bare.  This term may also apply to other clothing that feature a halter top style bodice such as dresses or catsuits
High Cut Brief Also known as a "French Cut" brief, this panty is high cut on the leg with a full coverage back.
High-Cut Panty A panty that is cut high over the thigh and sides but with total back coverage.
High Cut Rio A panty style similar to the string bikini, but with moderate back coverage that looks more like a "v" instead of the "u" which is found in full coverage backs. Many times, the waistband in the high-cut Rio is just a 1” to 2” piece of elastic.
High Waist Brief Shape wear with a brief style panty and a high waist to give shaping and support to the waistline.
Hikini Panty variation on traditional brief or bikini featuring higher cut leg-holes for a longer leg.  Similar to a French Cut brief or bikini.
Hip Shaper Shape wear piece designed to hold a woman's hips in particular form.  This piece of lingerie or foundation garment is used to enhance the shape of the hips or to help hide flaws.
Hipster A type of panty or brief that is cut low in the front and back. This style of underwear is designed to wear under low-rise jeans and trousers.
Hook and Eye A closure or fastener used to secure bras, corsets, some shape wear and other garments. The fastener includes a small hook secured to one side of the garment that grasps a small loop (the eye) secured to the other side.
Hook Back, Hook and Eye Back A garment closure that secures in the back with one or more hook and eye closures.
Hook Front, Hook and Eye Front A garment closure that secures on the side with one or more hook and eye closures.
Hook Side, Hook Sides A garment that closes at the side or sides with one or more hook and eyes or snaps.  Hook side closures are often seen in corsets, bustiers, and catsuits.  This closure helps you get in and out of the garment but providing a skin tight fit when closed.
Hosiery Leg wear, body wear, or lingerie that may include socks, stockings, bodysuits, bodystockings, and pantyhose.
Hosiery Types

These are the most commonly seen types of hosiery:

Control Top Pantyhose: provides shaping support in the panty section.

Fishnet Hose: Generally, a loosely woven diamond pattern that can either be small or quiet large.

French or Lace Pantyhose: A lace panty is sewn into the pantyhose.

Lace Top Stockings: a lace band at the top of the stockings replaces the plain welt.

Suspender Hose: A section of the hose is cut out to simulate the look of stockings and a garter belt, and often worn with panties, thong or G String. 

Hot Pants, Hotpants, Booty Shorts, Short Shorts These are shorts, also known as "short shorts", which are primarily worn by women. These are very short, tight shorts, usually made out of cotton, nylon, Lycra, or Spandex. They are meant to show off the buttocks and the legs. Hot Pants are also known as “Daisy Dukes”. "Daisy Dukes" are extremely tight short-shorts worn by women. They were named after the character of Daisy Duke in the 1980's television series, The Dukes of Hazzard, and more recently seen worn by Jessica Simpson in the movie version.

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