The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Lace A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open web like pattern which can be floral, geometric, etc.
Lace Bra Usually sheer to semi-sheer bra made entirely or almost entirely of lace.
Lace Edging A type of decorative trim, often used in lingerie, that is applied to necklines, hems, straps etc.
Lace Top Stockings Stockings that have a lace material sewn onto the top of the stocking but unlike stay up stockings these do require a garter to keep them up.
Lace-Up Back, Lace Up Back A closure in the back of a garment, such as a bustier or corset, which is used either for size adjustment or decoration.
Lace-Up Front, Lace Up Front A closure in the front of a garment, such as a bustier or corset, which is used either for size adjustment or decoration.
Lace-Up Side, Lace Up Side A closure on the side of a garment, such as a bustier or corset, which is used either for size adjustment or decoration.
Ladder Stitching Garment stitching that resembles ladder rungs or the steps on a ladder.
Lam Pronounced "lamay", a brocaded clothing fabric made from any of various fibers combined with tinsel filling threads
Laminate, Laminated A sheet of fabric or material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers which may or may not be of the same materials.
Latex A stretchy, rubber type materials often used to create extremely tight, form fitting clothing often popular for fetish wear.
Latex Free Bra Bra that contains absolutely no latex.  This bra is designed for women who are allergic to latex. A latex free bra may contain nylon, spandex, or other elastic fabrics.
Leather Animal hide which usually refers to cow, calf, goat or pig skins used to make shoes, boots, outerwear and purses
Leg Shaper Shape wear piece designed to hold a women's legs in particular form.  This is useful for hiding perceived figure flaws.
Leotard Skin tight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls.  May also refer to sleeveless, short sleeved, or long sleeved bodysuits, worn with or without tights, by dancers, gymnasts and other athletes engaging in activities requiring unrestricted body movement.  
Lounge Pants Loose-fitting pants constructed from soft, flowing fabrics designed to wear for leisure activities.
Lined Crotch An extra panel of fabric sewn into the crotch for added comfort.
Lined Cup A bra with a lining in the cup. This lining gives additional support and added opaqueness to the cup, as in “lined lace cup”.
Lining A layer of fabric sewn into the underside of a garment designed to add comfort, create smooth lines, or to add opaqueness to sheer fabrics.
Liquid Filled Bra Type of bra or bra insert which features cup pads filled with water for women who want to enhance their bust line.
Long Johns, Long Underwear Type of long, ankle length, fitted drawers, usually in a heavier knit cotton or cotton blend, often with a waffled texture.  Also referred to as “long johns” or "long handled underwear".
Long Line Bra Bra whose fabric extends down to the navel or waist for a bodice effect. This can offer the shaping of a corset.  Sometimes referred to as a "basque".
Loungewear, Lounge Wear Clothing suitable for lounging, such as pajamas, slips, robes, loose-fitting t-shirts, etc.
Low Back Bra Bra with low back strap designed to be worn with backless dresses.
Low Rise, Low Rider Style of underwear that sits low on the hips for an invisible look when worn under low rise jeans and trousers. The rise is the measurement between the waistband and the first horizontal seam of a panty. The average brief or panty has a 9" rise. A low rise is when the rise measurement is 7" or less.

Fabric made of or containing a decorative metallic thread woven into the fabric for a shimmering metallic appearance.

Lycra An extremely elastic fiber made of synthetic fiber widely used in lingerie and all other types of clothing as it helps clothing to retain it’s shape while giving the clothing additional stretch and give.

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