The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Marabou Downy feathers of marabou storks used for trimming garments or may be a man-made, soft fluffy feather-like material, sometimes hard to distinguish from the real thing.
Maternity Bra Type of bra that provides extra support, and is expandable, using stretch fabric, to grow with the expectant mother as her pregnancy matures.
Maternity Panty Type of panty made from fabric designed to stretch to fit during pregnancy. Maternity Panties often have no seams or elastic in the front for further comfort.
Matte A type of finish or fabric style with a flat, non-shiny look.
Merino Wool Type of soft wool that is gleaned during the sheep's second or third shearing. After the third shearing, wool grows back coarser and thicker.  This type of wool is usually softer and less scratchy than other wools.

Merry Widow


A corset, often strapless with demi cups, and comes to a point in the center front. It can also come with detachable garters to wear with stockings
Mesh Type of fabric, often made of synthetic, that is full of small openings like a net. Used for lingerie/underwear as fabric for a full piece or as inserts.  Mesh is also used for sheer, sexy dresses and other types of clothing. Mesh can be sheer or semi-sheer.

Micro-fiber, Microfibre, Micro-fiber

An extremely fine synthetic fiber that can be woven into textiles with the texture and drape of natural-fiber clothe but with enhanced stretch, wash-ability, breath-ability, and water repellency.
Micro Mini Skirt A very short skirt with a hemline that can extend anywhere from just below the buttocks.  Some styles often show a little cheek.  Do not expect a micro mini skirt to pass the "underwear test".  FYI - "underwear test" - put on the skirt, bend over at the waist and look in the mirror to see what everyone else is going to see the first time you bend over in public.
Mini Skirt, Miniskirt A very short skirt with a hemline that can extend anywhere from just below the buttocks (micro mini) to mid-thigh.  Not all mini skirts pass the "underwear test" as the actual length of the skirt while worn will vary depending on the length of your legs and the shape of your backside.
Minimize Bra, Minimizer Bra Type of bra that shapes the breasts outward to reduce projection, while maintaining support.  This type of bra is designed to make your breasts look smaller.
Mock Simulated, a copy or imitation of something, as in “mock fly”.
Mock Seams, Seamed Hosiery A false seam sewn into the back of a seamless stocking that was produced on a circular knitting machine.
Modal® Modal® Micro is a trademarked Micro-fiber from Lenzing. Modal garments usually remain pleasantly soft and smooth. Described as feeling like "skin on skin".
Molded Bra Type of bra that has cups that are machine molded. Molded Bra cups are shaped to give the breast a natural look. Molded Bras are usually unlined and may be either soft cup or under wire. They are seamless to create a smooth silhouette, unless overlaid with lace.
A single strand nylon yarn that has a semi shiny appearance and tends to be less resilient than multifilament yarn. All 15-denier yarn is monofilament, and so is a small quantity of 20-denier yarn. All other nylon hosiery yarns are multifilament.
Nylon yarn made of several tiny stands twisted together, 20, 30 and 40-denier are multifilament yarns made up of several strands of thinner nylon combined by twisting. The twisting process gives a slightly softer feel to the yarn and imparts more resilience or give and less shine to the fabric of a nylon stocking made from multifilament yarn. Stockings made using these yarns can also be very sheer and have the ability to help cover any small blemishes.
Multi-Pack, Multi Pack Identical underwear items that comes packaged in groups of 2 or more.
Multi-way Bra, Multiway Bra A bra that can be worn with or without straps under strapless or halter neck tops.  Also called a "convertible" bra
Muscle Shirt A sleeveless T-shirt, often tight fitting, that shows off muscle development in the arms.

Contact us at: Please let us know of any lingerie or clothing names, terms, and phrases that we have missed.  We also want any special laundry hints and your tricks for dealing with difficult stains.  We are trying to make this Lingerie Dictionary a complete as possible and your suggestions are always welcome.