The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Vamp The upper part of a shoe or boot covering especially the top of the foot and sometimes also extending forward over the toe or backward to the back seam of the upper part of the shoe.

Often associated with bridal wear, a veil is a length of cloth worn by women over the head, shoulders, and often the face, worn for decoration or to protect the head and face.


Closure consisting of a piece of fabric of small hooks that sticks to a corresponding fabric of small loops.

Velcro Side, Velcro Sides

Garment attaches at the sides using Velcro allowing quick removal.

Velour A closely napped fabric resembling velvet, used chiefly for clothing and upholstery.
Velvet Velvet is a fabric made of silk, cotton, nylon, or other material, that has a thick, close, soft pile and a plain underside.
Venice Lace Firm, heavy lace with an open background, usually in floral leaf patterns.
Vent Predetermined slit, especially on the legs of boxer shorts, that provides more freedom of movement.


A sleeveless, waist length jacket usually meant to be worn over a shirt or blouse.

Vinyl A man-made plastic material that has a wet look and is often used in fetish wear.  Many manufacturers are now bonding the vinyl with a thin layer of knit fabric and some are even producing vinyl with a small amount of stretch.
Viscose A type of rayon with a soft and silky feel made from cellulose, often from cotton plants.

Neckline on a t-shirt that dips into a "V" in the front.

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