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Leather Clothing and Leather Lingerie - Identifying Leather

Leather has been around for a very long time. It is resilient, versatile and if cared for property can last for a lifetime. If you are looking for a particular feel or appearance, the type of leather you choose will be very important. The wonderful thing about leather is that each piece is unique. Because it is a natural product, not man made, no two pieces are identical. And, in spite of the miracles of modern technology, leather can not be truly duplicated by machine.

Leather lingerie is very popular for both women and men. Sexy leather lingerie is quite special and nothing really compares to the feel and touch of leather lingerie.

Leather doesn’t itch and it doesn’t scratch when you put it on. Leather is first cool to the touch and then warms to your body temperature, forming to your shape, much like your favorite pair of jeans. However, nothing smells quite like leather. All leather has its own aroma that is unmistakable. The smell of new expensive shoes or boots…the interior of a luxury car…

From leather gloves to leather chaps and leather pants to leather lingerie, leather has been used throughout history. But wearing leather in an intimate way does something quite different than any thing else. It seems to bring out certain primal feelings that are buried deep in your subconscious mind.

The most common types of leather used for leather clothing and leather fashion accessories are:

Cowhide: This is one of the most durable types of leather. It's used mostly for motorcycle gear, boots and shoes. It is also used for quality leather clothing and leather lingerie.

Water Buffalo: Not as durable as cowhide, but it's cheaper because of its large supply.

Lambskin: Soft and supple leather generally used for jackets, pants and other fashion apparel. This leather is often used for less expensive leather clothing and leather lingerie.

Sheepskin: Similar to lambskin but comes from mature sheep. It is thicker, more durable and usually more expensive than lambskin.

Regardless of the actual type, leather usually falls into one of three categories:

Aniline Leather:

This leather is also called Natural Leather, Pure Leather, Naked Leather or Unprotected Leather. Aniline leathers are colored with transparent dye, enabling you to see the actual surface grain and markings. Aniline leather has little or no protective treatments applied to them. A spray with a wax finish is occasionally sprayed on Aniline leather to give it short term water repellency. For care and maintenance purposes you need to know if the surface has been brushed. If the surface feels velvety, it has been brushed. If it feels smooth, it has not been brushed. This is where it becomes difficult to distinguish between Nubuck and Aniline leather. Some ways that you can identify Aniline leather are:

·    Lightly scratch the surface to see if it leaves a lighter color scratch mark. If it scratches to a lighter color, it is Aniline. Nubuck will also do the same.

·   Wet your finger and lightly rub it into the leather to see if it darkens. With Aniline it should darken lightly but dry invisibly.

Semi-Aniline Leather:

Semi-Aniline leather is also called Finished Leather, Semi-Aniline Leather, Everyday Leather, Pigmented Leather or Painted Leather. Semi-Aniline leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product and tannery technology to create a leather product that is more uniform in appearance and color. Protected leathers are the most common leathers and purchased by consumers more than the other categories, because of its resilience. Semi-Aniline leather has a finish applied to the leather surface that makes the leather more resilient to the rigors of heavy use. The pigments and finish that is applied to protect the leather also will affect the softness. The more finish that is applied, the less soft the leather will be.

Some ways that you can identify Semi-Aniline leather are:

·    Lightly scratch the surface to see if it leaves a lighter color scratch mark. If it does not leave a lighter scratch mark (the color remains the same) then this has a protective finish on the leather.

·    Use soft cleaner and clean the leather. The cleaner should stay on top of the finish and should not darken the leather.

·    With protected leather the surface should have some sort of sheen to it.  

Nubuck Leather:

Nubuck Leather is also called Distressed Leather, Bomber Leather or Suede. These leathers are actually Aniline leathers. The surface on this type of leather has been brushed leaving the texture similar to velvet on leather. This type of leather is often confused with Suede. Suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather and Nubuck is derived from an effect that is done to the grain side, which makes this leather incredibly soft. The brushing also makes the leather even more absorbent than the Aniline leathers.

Nubuck Leather and Aniline Leather are very difficult to distinguish from each other. The most difficult to identify are the leather products which are in the distressed leathers category or the leathers that have a waxed finish applied. Nubuck leathers can have an endless variety of embossed patterns and color applied to them and can also reflect the natural leather grain, thus making Nubuck very popular in the fashion world.

Some ways that you can identify Nubuck are:

·   The surface texture should feel very similar to velvet. When you run your hand across the surface it should leave shading traces just like when a carpet is vacuumed in one direction and then in another. If the leather surface leaves this shading it is Nubuck.

·    With a wet finger rub it lightly on the surface, if the surface darkens and dries to a darker shade, it is Nubuck.

·    If the leather has a waxed surface on it, you can rub an area of the leather with a sponge several times, removing the wax and see if it meets the criteria above.


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