The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Laundry Care for Your Sexy Lingerie

Taking care of your sexy lingerie as you would take care of any other quality garment is very important. Your goal should be to make it last as long as possible. What this means is that your lingerie needs to be treated differently than you would treat your regular garments. You should always make it a point to read the label on your lingerie in order to get the proper washing instructions.

The best method is to hand-wash all your lingerie in cold water. Hot washing could shrink your lingerie, especially satin lingerie by 10% to 20% in size. When you are washing your bras, panties, nightgowns and any other lingerie, be sure to use using a mild detergent like Woolite. You should let them soak for about 3 minutes. Most regular detergents contain extremely harsh chemicals that can damage your lingerie.

If you insist on washing your bras in the washing machine, you should first place them in a Lingerie Wash Bag. This mesh bag will help keep the bras from being wrapped around the agitator. This protects your bra from being stretched out and if your bra is under wired, it protects the under wire from being twisted and puncturing the bra material. Also try to avoid placing your bras, panties and other lingerie in the dryer. The heat of the dryer breaks down the Lycra, spandex and elastic.

Lingerie Laundry Tips

When machine washing is recommended, wash on the delicate cycle with other delicate fabrics.

Do not wring lingerie. Wringing, even hand wringing, can cause wrinkles and creases which may be difficult to get out. It is better to gently squeeze out the excess water or press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water and then allow the garment to drip dry.

Line drying or drip dry is always the best choice since a hot dryer shortens the life of the fabric. However, if you use the dryer, set the controls on delicate or even air dry. If a label suggests hand washing, use a cleansing product designed for delicate fabrics.

For machine washable bras, fasten hooks and eyes to avoid tangling, then place bras in a lingerie bag before washing on the delicate cycle in cool water with gentle detergent. Air-dry only.

Silk should be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. Wash colors separately. Do not bleach lingerie.

Remember, if in doubt, read the label. If it says “Dry Clean Only”, there is a reason. Everything else can almost always be hand washed.



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